Vbscript sql query example

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Vbscript sql query example

This command is also useful to get which column users want to see as the output table. The output data is saved in a result table. This output table is also termed as the result-set. This is perhaps the most widely used SQL queries examples. If you want to display all the attributes from a particular table, this is the right query to use:. The SQL query below will select Name, Age columns from Patients table, then will filter them by Age value to include records where Age is more than 40 and then will group records with similar Age value and then finally will output them sorted by Name.

Another sample of use of Group By: this expression will select records with a price lesser than 70 from Orders table, will group records with a similar price, will sort the output by price and will also add the column COUNT price that will display how many records with similar price were found:. Many thanks to Sachidannad for pointing out! There are a lot of built-in math functions like COUNT and AVG which provide basic functionalities of counting the number of results and averaging them respectively.

This query displays the total number of customers by counting each customer ID. In addition, it groups the results according to the country of each customer. A view is a tailored table that is formed as a result of a query. It has tables and rows just like any other table. A view is a legitimate copy of a different table or sequence of tables. A view obtains its information or data from the tables from previously created tables known as base tables.

Base tables are real tables. All procedures implemented on a view really modify the base table. Users can use views just like the real or base tables. A user-defined table is a representation of defined information in a table, and they can be used as arguments for procedures or user-defined functions. A primary key uniquely identifies all values within a table. In other words, it prevents various rows from having similar values or sequences of columns. Foreign keys link one table to another — they are attributes in one table which refer to the primary key of another table.

Constraints are essential to the scalability, compliance, and sincerity of the data. Constraints implement particular rules, assuring the data adheres to the conditions outlined. For example, these are the laws imposed on the columns of the database tables.Demonstration script that connects to a SQL Server database named Northwind on a computer named atl-sql Please bookmark this page so you can find your way back.

Our home page will no longer link to this archive. Recordset" objConnection. MoveFirst Wscript. Echo objRecordSet. RecordCount Name. This sample script is not supported by Cruto or Microsoft under any support program or service. The sample script is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind. Microsoft further disclaims all implied warranties including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose.

The entire risk arising out of the use or performance of the sample scripts and documentation remains with you. In no event shall Cruto, Microsoft, its authors, or anyone else involved in the creation, production, or delivery of the scripts be liable for any damages whatsoever including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption,loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss arising out of the use of or inability to use the sample scripts or documentation, even if Microsoft has been advised of the possibility of such damages.This section provides information on how to use SQL Scripts to create, edit, view, run, and delete script files.

You can use SQL Scripts to create, edit, view, run, and delete script files. Click the down arrow on the right side of the SQL Workshop icon to view a drop down menu.

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Then select the SQL Scripts menu option. You can control the appearance of the page by making a selection from the View list. The default view, Icons, displays each script as an icon. Details view displays each script as a row in a report. Search for a script by entering the script name, or a partial name, in the Script field and clicking Go. You control how many rows display by making a selection from the Display list. Search for the owner of the script you want to view by entering the user name in the Owner field and clicking Go.

Available View options include:. Icons default displays each script as an icon identified by the script name. Click the Show Results check box to additionally display run results as icons identified by the script name. Details displays each script as a line in a report. Each line includes a check box to enable the selection of scripts for deletion, an edit icon to enable the script to be loaded into the script editor, the script name, the script owner, when the script was last updated and by who, the size in bytes, the number of times the script has been run linked to the run results, and an icon to enable the script to be run.

Delete Checked. In Details view, select the check box associated with the script you want to delete and click Delete Checked. In Details view, click a column heading to sort the listed scripts by that column. Click Create to create a script in the Script Editor. You can navigate to another SQL Workshop component by making a selection from the Component list located on the upper right side of the page:. Object Browser. SQL Commands. Query Builder.

vbscript sql query example

See "Building Queries with Query Builder". Manage Results enables you to view, search, and display results.

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Show Quotas displays the Script Quotas page. The Script Quotas page shows the maximum size of a single result, the maximum size of all results, the quota used and the quota free. It also shows the maximum size of a SQL Script. The scripts you select to export are encoded in a single export script written to your local file system.

Import enables you to import a script exported by this workspace, or a different workspace.

vbscript sql query example

Import only imports scripts encoded in an export script created using Export. The export script to import must be accessible on your local file system.

The script is parsed during upload. If it has a syntax error, an error icon appears in place of the run icon in the SQL Scripts page Details view. You use the Script Editor to add content to a new script, to edit existing scripts, and to run and delete scripts in the script repository. Note that new lines are automatically indented to the previous line start column.

Other features of the Script Editor include:. Search and Replace. Click Find to display the text and JavaScript regular expression find and replace options. Click Find again to hide the options.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. SQL is a computer language that closely resembles English, but that database programs understand. Every query that you run uses SQL behind the scenes.

Understanding how SQL works can help you create better queries, and can make it easier for you to understand how to fix a query that is not returning the results that you want. This is one of a set of articles about Access SQL. What is SQL? SQL is a computer language for working with sets of facts and the relationships between them. Unlike many computer languages, SQL is not difficult to read and understand, even for a novice.

You use SQL to describe sets of data that can help you answer questions. When you use SQL, you must use the correct syntax. Syntax is the set of rules by which the elements of a language are correctly combined. For example, a simple SQL statement that retrieves a list of last names for contacts whose first name is Mary might resemble this:. This topic does not cover DDL. For more information, see the article Create or modify tables or indexes by using a data-definition query.

This includes the following:. Like a sentence, a SQL statement has clauses. Each clause performs a function for the SQL statement. The following table lists the most common SQL clauses. The following table lists types of SQL terms. A combination of identifiers, operators, constants, and functions that evaluates to a single value. Top of Page.

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A SQL statement takes the general form:. Access ignores line breaks in a SQL statement. However, consider using a line for each clause to help improve the readability of your SQL statements for yourself and others. The semi-colon can appear at the end of the last clause or on a line by itself at the end of the SQL statement.

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The following illustrates what a SQL statement for a simple select query might look like in Access:. FROM clause. WHERE clause. This example SQL statement reads "Select the data that is stored in the fields named E-mail Address and Company from the table named Contacts, specifically those records in which the value of the field City is Seattle. Let's look at the example, one clause at a time, to see how SQL syntax works.

vbscript sql query example

If an identifier contains spaces or special characters such as "E-mail Address"it must be enclosed in square brackets.Additional to the minimum, maximum and average size per week the growth of average size related to the former week is calculated. Between disk space usage differences.

This script finds those objects. Very useful when output is sorted by Drive Letter when "Out of space" occurs.

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It works by taking the select member code description and the last assigned number and format as CON once the focus in lost after selecting the member description from dropdown list on the form.

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January 4th, AM.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. To open, I have never written a vbs script.

I have written many SQL scripts, views, developed databases. I have written plenty of VBA in Access applications. They can just double-click the VBS script, specify the server and database when prompted, and the quick script will run for them. The latest one is line 3 char 17, which is on a Dim statement.

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Just wanted to see if anyone can tell if I am missing something fundamental to this script, that is preventing it from compiling or processing correctly.

I kept troubleshooting and finally got it to work. For those that this might help, unlike VBA, it's easier not to declare variables as a type. Remember, for those looking to use this as a basis for a script - I'm not doing any checks, so if you don't know your data, this is a dangerous thing to run.

Know your data, backup your data, and if you can, add in some checks, to make sure anything that isn't a select statement, is checked and re-checked before it is run. Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 2 years ago.

vbscript sql query example

Active 3 months ago. Viewed 7k times. Open sConnString conn. Execute SqlStatement conn. Go Check your results! Thank you.

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Thank you for your response.Structured Query Language SQL is a specialized language for updating, deleting, and requesting information from databases. It is widely used in both industry and academia, often for enormous, complex databases. In a distributed database system, a program often referred to as the database's "back end" runs constantly on a server, interpreting data files on the server as a standard relational database.

Programs on client computers allow users to manipulate that data, using tables, columns, rows, and fields. To do this, client programs send SQL statements to the server. The server then processes these statements and returns result sets to the client program.

The syntax is:. For example:. For the general public, various online tutorials are available, such as the w3schools. This is document ahux in the Knowledge Base. Last modified on Skip to: content search login.

Knowledge Base Search. Log in. Options Help Chat with a consultant. Include archived documents. Back to top. For better readability, some programmers use uppercase for commands and clauses, and lowercase for everything else. Contact us.


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